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Dr Sam (Independent Health Researcher --  Abuja Nigeria)

Here is a question for you to answer:
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Do you know the function of the body’s Immune system?

If your answer is a “YES”, then you should know that the body’s Immune system is responsible for fighting against harmful bacteria, Viruses and other pathogens.

If your answer to the above question is a “NO”, or you don’t fully understand how it works, then fortunately for you in this article, I will be explaining in details how the body’s immune system is your best chance of staying healthy, especially during this crisis.

So, I will suggest that you pay attention.

 Also, at the end of this article, I will be revealing the best way you can keep yourself and your family safe during this period by boosting the action of your body’s immune system (My personal recommendation). So, do yourself a lot of good and read till the end!


Have you ever wondered why some people fall sick more often than other people?

I have 4 children; my second daughter has not falling sick for the past 8 months! Meanwhile I have a shelf full of anti-malaria drugs for her siblings because they catch up fever at the slightest of mosquito bite.

How can this be explained? It is all in the body’s Immune system.


This exactly means your immune system can stand as a resistance against harmful micro-organisms.

The body’s immune systems are like soldiers that seeks for harmful micro organisms and destroys them before they harm the body.

Our body system is constantly exposed to danger through the air we breath in, the food and water we take, even the cloths we wear.

But a big thank you to the immune system for always being on guard!


Whatever you have heard or read about how serious this virus is, I hate to break it to you, it is probably true, maybe even worse.

In all my years of research and experience, one thing is clear; most people are walking around with weak immune system without even knowing!

Due to some factors!

The body’s immune system can be weakened and you are vulnerable to harm. If you have any long-term disease such as Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, High blood pressure and so on or even Old age (45 years and above), your immune system may be down!

The worst part, if you drink alcohol or you are a smoker, your immune system is definitely weak! This means that you are vulnerable to infection.

Now that is a very bad thing, especially during this world crisis. The virus the world is currently battling with does not have a proven cure yet, scientists and doctors are depending on the body’s immune system to fight the virus and keep infected people alive!

If your immune system is stronger than the virus, then you will recover, because your immune system will help your system develop Anti-bodies against the virus.

The battle between the immune system and the virus goes on for 14 days before you start to show symptoms. Showing symptoms means than the virus won!

Remember Oyo state governor tested positive, after few days in isolation. He took a second test and it came back negative! No doubt Governor Seyi Makinde has a good immune system, he doesn’t drink alcohol, neither does he smoke and he has no record of a long-term disease.


I know all the above realizations seems scary, but here is the good news!

It is possible for you to boost and charge up your immune system for maximum resistance against viruses and other infections!

I will show you a natural and extremely effective way of doing so!

In the video report on the next page, I have explained in a well detailed video presentation on how you can keep yourself and your family safe.

I strongly believe that everyone who is serious with his or her health should click the button below and watch the presentation till the end!

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